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The Perfect Bungee® products are recognized for their craftsmanship and quality, and for their ingenuity and simplicity of design. Our products are perfect because they are UV-resistant, chemical, fuel, and oil-resistant, as well as saltwater and freshwater-proof. They can withstand the harshest conditions, and the most extreme temperatures, that nature can throw at them. The Perfect Bungee® products are made of Flexa-Pure® - a proprietary material that does not contain rubber, plastic or latex. Flexa-Pure® allows our products to safely stretch to two times their original length, and still return back to their original size.

The Bihler Group of Companies, located in Alpha, New Jersey, has been family owned and operated since 1976. Our objective at Bihlerflex is to maintain for generations to come the family-friendly atmosphere that exists at all of the Bihler companies, while we continue to make the world’s best bungee and tie-down products. For more information on the Bihler Group of companies, please CLICK HERE

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